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Hand & Foot Cream - Accelerated Transformation
Hand and Foot Care Cream
December 9, 2012

MW Hand and Foot Care – Accelerated Transformation (7170)    


This medium weight lotion is a super amino acid enriched emollient with a true water binding capacity making this one lotion a powerhouse for positive change.

The skin will transform into a healthy, soft and pliable with a new conditioned feel.

Cracks and fissures start to disappear in days. Your skin will feel like it has come alive with youth and vitality!


Benefits At-A-Glance

  • Hydrating amino acid combination
  • Improves the unique performance of locking-in and utilizing moisture
  • Performance actives
  • Enhanced emollient synergy for improved moisture control and skin conditioning
  • Soothing agents and healing contribution for skin repair
  • Fast recovery from dryness


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